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Kim Lousada

Kim Lousada

Psychic Tarot Reader / Medium / Chiron Healer / Yoga Practitioner / Crystal Bowl Practitioner / Integrated Healing Practitioner

I am a psychic/tarot reader, medium, an advanced Chiron Healer Practitioner®, level two yoga teacher and sound therapist. I have always been fascinated with the esoteric and I have been studying and practising spiritual techniques for over 20 years. In the past I have facilitated Cosmic Kid’s workshops for sensitive children.

Psychic/Tarot Readings and Mediumship

Each reading is tailored to suit the needs of you. Throughout the session I will be able to give clarification on situations in your life through using the tarot deck, clairvoyance and by connecting with loved ones who have passed over. I love being able to work out the patterns in your tarot spread and give you clear guidance from spirit to assist you with your current life dilemmas. My passion is to help people heal their wounds and release blockages, so that they may live a peaceful and joyful life. A life of one’s own design, one of their true calling.




Chiron Healing®

Chiron Healing® is a simple and effective way of removing blockages from the bio-energetic field (also known as the aura). A Chiron healing® can help you to find balance in your life and can assist in the treatment of injuries, acute and chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, assistance with past and future surgery, to help you unplug from the digital world and numerous other issues.

Chiron Healing® techniques provide tools to access the biological energy exchanges that drive your body. There is a pattern to the energies that keep your tissues, organs, muscles, bones and even feelings and emotions working well. This energy surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body in the form of a bio-energetic field).

When the energy patterns are disrupted by physical, chemical and emotional distresses, you naturally find it hard to be comfortable.

In a Chiron Healing® session I will work directly at balancing the energy patterns within the bio-energetic field, so that your body can experience ease as quickly as possible.

Come and try an hour or half an hour session.

Crystal Singing Bowls

The crystal singing bowls act like a powerful radio transmitter, sending out sound waves and filling a person's aura with vibrational radiance. The pure tone of the crystal singing bowls sweep over the recipients, allowing for a gentle harmonising of their body and aura.

Even if people aren’t sensitive to energy, chakras and auras, the crystal singing bowls have a very tangible effect on people. People often remark that they feel clearer and more relaxed after a ten minute session.

We are light and everything is always moving. The quartz crystal in the bowl covers all of the light spectrum so when they are played the crystal singing bowls are able to harmonize, lift and ease the auric, emotional, mental and physical bodies. Sound healing works on vibrations and that everything in the universe is a vibration.

After researching Epigenetics, Sine waves and the frequencies of the body, I can see how the beautiful pure tones of the bowls help to bring about healing. The healing occurs right across a person's system. It can occur at a cellular level right through to the aura. The frequencies produced by the bowls are able to harmonise the energy, cells, crystalline substances of the body, the water in the cells and the chakras.

Come and experience a 30 minute session with the crystal singing bowls, where you relax on the massage table and absorb the healing frequencies.

Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing is a form of Kinesiology that uses the body’s own bio feedback system to help clear any blockages that might be restricting one’s life. It is a powerful yet subtle form of healing.

Magick Package

Create your own healing treatment to suit your needs and wants.

For example you might like to have a tarot reading and then clear out any blockages identified during the reading that could be preventing you from achieving your heart’s desires. 

Suggestions include:

  •  Reading and crystal singing bowl healing
  •  Reading and healing
  • Chiron healing and crystal singing bowl healing
  • Yoga Nidra and crystal singing bowl healing
  • Reading, goal setting and healing.

Price will depend on time of sessions. Minimum time, one hour session.

Member of I.A.C.H.I

Kim is available:  Every Tuesday


  • Readings: 60mins $100
  • Readings: 45mins $80
  • Readings:  30mins $60
  • Healings: 1.5 hour session $150 

Contact Sacred Mist for Bookings on (03) 9500 8220 orinfo@sacredmist.com.au