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Introduction to Family Constellations
13 October 2018
Time: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Introduction to Family Constellations

As a child when we get born into a family we don’t have a mind to discern, we don’t have reason to understand, we cannot interpret events


Often feeling and taking on what is not really ours to take on...

Family Constellation is an amazing process for unlocking hidden dynamics and entanglements in our relationships with ourselves, family and other people.

We will cover the 3 main principles of the Family Constellations- Belonging- Social order- Give and Take

BELONGING: Sometime we can feel like we don't belong or are being ignored by family of friends. Kept out of events that take place or just not seen or heard.

Children dying young in a family and never spoken about or even forgotten can show up in later generations as someone being left out, being forgotten. Like they are taking the place of the child previously who has been forgotten.

SOCIAL ORDER: Parents come first then children. Have you ever felt you are like the parent and your parent the child. You are the responsible one and taking care of everyone... but who is taking care of you? 

Parents emotionally caught up with unresolved trauma can mean they are unavailable for their children and result in children having to grow up faster than they should. Then can have trouble in adult relationships because they are still entangled taking care of their parents. 

GIVE AND TAKE: Parents give and children take. In love relationships it is equal give and take. Sometimes the give and take is out of balance and it can affect how we relation to others. 

If parents are unable to give to children, as children grow up they can have trouble accepting abundance in their lives. In relationships if the give and take in not equal it can have huge affects on relationships working well. 

When these 3 principles are out of balance/order it can affect how we relation to others and how they relate to us. 

These can show up in unconscious ways....

Those patterns can affect

- relationships with your partner, spouse, or other intimate relationships

- relationships with your parents and relatives

- relationships with your children,

- work relationships and performance,

- confidence and self esteem

- success, wealth,

- happiness

- health.

Maybe you are entangled in past patterns and behaviours and are unconsciously playing them out in your life. Once these entanglements are resolved it is much easier to live the life you want and deserve.

Come along to our introduction to Family Constellations to find out how we can change the way our relationships play out in our lives.I look forward to seeing you there http://relationshipconstellations.com/introduction.html

When:  Saturday, 13 October

Time:  9.00am til 12.00pm

Investment:  $15

Bookings Essential:  www.relationshipconstellations.com

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