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Cutting The Ties That Bind

The Cutting of the Ties (CTTB) was introduced by Phyllis Crystal, an English Psychotherapist. For over forty years she has been refining a counselling method using symbols and visualization techniques that help people detach from external authority figures and patterns in order to rely on their own Higher Consciousness as a guide and teacher.

We are all bound by invisible chains – things that bind us and block us and keep us from being who we really are. These ties come from childhood – from family environment, culture, fears or reactions to events that took place years ago. Phyllis Krystal has worked with people for many years – teaching practical visualisation techniques that work. She offers puberty rite to untangle our deepest bonds to our worldly parents, helps us attain freedom from negative forces, shows us how to get in touch with the higher consciousness that is a part of all of us, and shows us a Mandala exercise to balance the four functions of intuition, sensation, emotion, and intellect. This teaching offers the information needed to liberate ourselves from old restrictive behaviours.

We have all been programmed in the first Seven years of conditioning taught to us by our parents, where our Core Beliefs were instilled into us. Our lives are ruled by these core beliefs until we can recognize that we can set ourselves free from these ties that bind us, to allow us to step up into our own Higher Consciousness. In stating this there is no blame placed on our parents, they have done nothing wrong, as they, in their ignorance have merely passed on to us what their parents taught them and so on. So we see many parallels in CTTB with Clients conditions that Clinical Hypnosis deal with. The same issues exist, for example, “Not good enough”, “Not perfect enough”, “Low Self Esteem”, “Belief Systems” Fear, anger and guilt and many more. All deal with how we have been condition in the past by influences that rule our lives.

So it is therefore very important when doing cutting work to start with cutting from our parents before we can begin to cut from significant others in our lives. It is a very freeing experience to be able to “reframe” these patterns to enable us to move on with our lives. So, in many ways this method goes hand in hand with Clinical Hypnotherapy on many levels to allow us to assist Clients to change patterns and beliefs within a client if they so choose to do so. 

CTTB is a long process that takes weeks of counselling to reach an outcome, however by incorporating the use of this type of therapy within a Hypnosis Session can quicken the process by guiding the client to go deeper into the subconscious mind within Hypnosis, where a faster release from an issue can be achieved. The benefit to the client is a much faster outcome.

Sessions 1 hr $50 (minimum of three sessions required)