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The Healthy Life Plan

The Healthy Life Plan is a program created by Julie Rennie author of The Metabolic Clock and The Metabolic Clock Cook Book.  This 6 week plan is based on The Metabolic Clock books which helps kick start a healthier lifestyle, assisting people to move through any blockages within their lives that stop them living a balanced life.  This is not a diet it is what it states, a healthy life plan.

Book in for your free consultation with Lesley Williams who is a Healthy Life Plan coach who will be your personal coach each week.  The plan is online or you can attend each week, if doing online you will be in contact with Lesley for a 10 minute coaching session.  You will receive menus, checklists and will be able to login anytime.  Having a personal coach helps to guide you to achieve your healthy goals, let us help you kick start a new you!

The Healthy Life Plan - $295

*Information on The Healthy Life Plan go to www.metabolicclock.com.au