Spiritual Shop and Wellbeing Centre

About Us

Sacred Mist came into creation from a long term dream of ours in bringing together like minded people committed in helping and assisting people in their spiritual journey.

Everything has been brought together of all the things we love creating a beautiful place of inspiration and uplifting energy to heal, empower and motivate changes in people’s lives.
We are blessed to have the choice to enjoy our dream and work at what we love; we look forward to sharing that dream with you.

With Blessings
Lesley & Maureen

Shop and Wellbeing Centre

Our shop provides a beautiful range of enchanting gifts along with resource information and tools for your spiritual path.
o Crystals, gemstones and essences
o Sterling silver, crystal jewellery
o Tarot and Oracle cards
o Essential oils
o Incense, herbs, resins and candles
o Singing bowls and salt lamps
o Pagan and Wiccan items
o New age and inspirational books
o Meditation, relaxation and spiritual cd’s
o Angel, dragon, fairy, god/goddess, Buddha statues
o Anne Stokes fantasy range
o Handcrafted wands, jewellery, artwork from local artisans

In our wellbeing centre we offer a range of therapies to pamper and relax, clear and balance with healings and massage. Our services help assist in bringing clarity, direction and guidance.

Our practitioners

Our practitioners are passionate in what they do and are committed in providing a professional service to meet your needs.
o Tarot, psychic mediumship readings
o Relaxation, aromatherapy, lomi lomi massage
o Crystal, reiki, spiritual, pranic healings
o Hypnotherapy,
o Kinesiology
o Virtual lap band weight loss
o Past life regression
o Holistic counceling
o Healthy life plan
o Astrology charts
o Numerology
o Cutting the ties that bind

We never stop learning! We offer a range of weekly classes, workshops and events by local, interstate and international facilitators.

Where to Find Us

We have moved from our former location in Malvern. We closed our shop in March 2022.

We are now located in Berwick for online shopping only.
You can place your order online or via phone, orders can be posted or you can call for a order pick appointment.

Opening Hours:

Hours for Contact 10.00am till 5.00pm

On-Line Shopping and Services

Want to order on-line? Our online shop is up and running with more products to be added. You can have it posted or you can do Click & Collect to save you time. Pick ups are by appointment time, we will contact you with day and time when your order is ready to collect.

Psychic and Wellbeing EXPO

Sacred Mist proudly presents the longest currently run psychic and wellbeing events throughout Victoria. Held every month, we travel to different areas throughout Melbourne and out into country areas providing quality well organized expos to nourish the mind, body and soul.

New exhibitors are welcome! Contact Lesley on 0411 675 953

Inside Sacred Mist