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Aromatherapy uses the oils of plant materials, essential oils, to benefit a person's mood, health and impart a sense of wellbeing.  The aromatic compounds of plant matter assist us in bringing balance and harmony to our mind, body and spirit. Therapeutic Clinical Aromatherapy has been proven to be an effective treatment support to a wide range of injuries and health conditions.

The initial impact is from the smell of the particular oil. Our sense of smell is powerful, producing positive or negative reactions. Going deeper it can evoke memories, either pleasant or unpleasant, suggesting a deep connection with our psyche.

Our Aromatherapy Therapist is a clinically trained practitioner and only uses the purest of essential oils and is educated in their uses and benefits.  An Aromatherapy consultation offers an all natural method of supporting health, healing and overall well-being.  Essential Oil blends and products are customised to an individual’s specific needs & requirements.

Aromatherapy Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using a combination of essential oils, energy balancing & Tibetan Reflexology techniques applied to feet, back & head to relax, balance and restore harmony.

60 mins - $110 

Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation

By reviewing & discussing information obtained from filling out a holistic health form, a customised blend will be designed for an individual’s specific requirements and preferred method of application using therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils.

90 mins - $150 

Subtle Energetic Balancing

This deeply relaxing treatment is enjoyed fully clothed. Whilst working on your electro-magnetic energy field.  Using a unique combination of energy healing, intention and the use of specially chosen essential oils for your individual requirements to relieve energy blockages and imbalances.

60 mins - $110

Our Aromatherapy therapist is not available everyday so it is important to call in advance and book your appointment.