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Astrology is a science based on the observation of planetary influences and comprehending their effect on our lives. Astrologers concern themselves with planetary astrology. That is, the influence of the planets in your various houses which relate to different areas on one’s life. Astrology observes planetary positions at particular and significant moments in time.

With an understanding of these planetary influences, a competent astrologer can determine characteristics and traits of one's nature and even predict certain happenings along the way of one's life path. You can find out what the best time is to either start something like a new job, course, best time to sell your home and many other life circumstances.

You are not just your Sun Sign which is what a general astrology forecast relates to and that is very general, there is more to learn about yourself and it will make much more sense when you look at other facets in your birth chart.

You will need to provide your birthdate, place of birth, country of birth and time of birth for your own personal birth chart. If for some reason you don’t have the exact birth time that is not an issue it still can be done but with influences in different areas, however it is always recommended that you find the exact time. Our professional Astrologer will produce an in-depth chart for you along with a short consultation to give you the bases on what it means and how to use.

Birth Chart & Report - $80