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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is becoming recognized the world over, as a viable and legitimate therapy for helping with common problems such as:

During hypnotherapy clients experience an alert state of deep relaxation, enabling the therapist to bypass the normal blocks, fears and defences of the conscious mind and so work directly with the subconscious. At this level the mind is more receptive to releasing restrictions and embracing positive and creative suggestions for change. The client remains in control and fully aware throughout the process, whilst being guided by the therapist on an inner journey to healing.  

Maureen is a qualified Hypnotherapist with many years’ experience with counselling.  It is our suggestion that you speak with Maureen directly before booking an appointment where she can suggest a tailored plan for you and explain the process.

60 mins Session from $120


Past Life Regression

Why experience a Past Life Regression?

The primary intention for revisiting past life memories is to understand, heal, and resolve issues that have been troubling you, and to learn deep lessons about your life purpose.

Ultimately, who we were or what we did in past lives is only important if the events are affecting us now, and issues can often have their roots in past life experiences. Regression therapies aim to heal disturbances from old memories that are distorting your well-being in the present, and to expand your understanding of who you are and why you are here. A problem or issue always has a spiritual purpose, and Past Life and Interlife memories give deeper insights into your soul’s eternal journey through time. Clients often report having an affirmative experience regardless of how much they ‘believed’ in past lives prior to the session.

In a Regression you can usually expect to find yourself in common situations and bodies and to have a deeply interesting personal experience. You can also expect to find links to issues in your current life – sometimes physical symptoms, belief structures and emotional patterns have their roots in past life events, and have been carried over into this life to be understood, integrated and healed.

Regression therapies cover both past life and current life memories, and enable conflicts from past events to be resolved. They go directly to the root of problems to transform them in a way that is safe and structured, and can heal disturbances at a deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, clearing the way for a much brighter future.

Healing the past allows you to move forward in life feeling emotionally balanced, lighter, more confident, and more peaceful.

Examples of past life problems affecting the current life can include:

  • Phobias and panic attacts
  • Emotional problems and blocked feelings
  • Self-harm and addictions
  • Uneplainable physical/emotional pain
  • Reoccurring relationship problems
  • Patterns of throught and behaviour that are proving

Symptoms that can be treated by regression therapy are not limited to these issues – if you are experiencing a problem or negative emotion you can remember having for a long period of time, or are experiencing something that continues to happen no matter what you’ve tried to do to resolve it, then its possible these patterns existed before incarnating.

Patterns and memories are carried over to be resolved, and in some cases involve what’s commonly referred to as ‘karma’. It’s important to understand that ‘karma’ does not mean ‘punishment’ as it’s often been interpreted in western thinking. ‘Reward and punishment’ for past actions is a limited, and in many ways incorrect perspective – the original meaning of the word was simply ‘action’ and viewing karma as nothing more than ‘the cause and effect’ of our actions is a much more useful outlook.

This enables us to be objective in viewing our experiences in the past, and restores empowerment for our choices in the present.

Life Between Lives Hypnosis (LBL) is highly recommended as the next stage in regression work, where you will be able to reach your intentions at a much higher level.

If you are simply curious about your past lives, sessions can be held without addressing a specific problem, though it is helpful to have an intention and desired outcome before booking your session.

2-3 hours sessions $285


Life Between Lives

What is Life Between Lives (LBL) ® Hypnotherapy?

A deep hypnotic process developed over many years, designed to reconnect you with your soul self, your guiding beings and thereby awaken an understanding of your immortal identity

A deep hypnotic process means the achievement of complete physical relaxation, guided by suggestions given by the therapist but created entirely by the client, in which awareness is altered and the subconscious and even higher levels of the mind can be accessed

Each of us is so much more than the physical aspect we can see. We are a combination of the energies, experiences and learnings of countless previous lives; each life a set of contrasting experiences that embody the variety of lessons our inner, eternal self seeks to learn in its quest for development and perfection. That core, eternal self, always searching for growth and new levels of understanding, is our soul self…

‘Your guiding beings’ … Michael Newton’s research enabled him to assemble a model of the spiritual realm. He documented consistent reports from thousands of clients of the existence and incredible support offered by countless Higher Beings in the inter-life; personal guides and teachers, all ready to guide each one of us through and between each life. Wisdom and insights you can now access through LBL Hypnotherapy…

‘Awaken an understanding of your immortal identity’ … enlightenment, a more complete perception of who you really are as the sum total of your past lives, the collaboration of your soul with other souls and with its guides and teachers, and what you are learning now. A sense of the eternity of the soul…and an end to the fear of physical death…

With all our hypnotherapy sessions we suggest you talk with Maureen prior to booking a session to discuss so a session can be explained and what is best for you.

4 – 5 hr Sessions $580