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Jessika Rutnik

Jessika Rutnik

Pranic Healing Practitioner and Instructor

Jessika has been studying and practicing Pranic Healing for 15 years. She discovered Pranic Healing after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and depression."Pranic Healing was a life saver, it was during the third course (pranic psychotherapy) that I felt not only did this explain exactly what was going on with me but it was giving me the tools to fix it." - JessikaJessika became a certified practitioner in 2003. She ran an active Pranic Healing Centre in Canada for years before moving to Melbourne. The centre offered individual pranic healing sessions, weekly meditation nights and healing clinics, monthly pranic healing support groups, pranic healing courses and more.





Jessika is available: by appointment only,


  • Pranic Healing Session – 1 Hour $100


  • Twin Heart Meditation For Peace & Illumination  – Tuesday Evenings

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