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Julian Markin

Julian Markin

Pranic Healing Practitioner and Instructor

As a child Julian grew up in the Siddha Yoga ashram in Fitzroy, where he learned meditation, yoga, chanting and other spiritual practices. In his early 20's a friend suggested he take the Basic Pranic Healing course, as they thought it would be something he'd enjoy. Not only did he enjoy it but he quickly realized just how necessary it was as a practical tool for anyone and everyone to have in order to bring about healing for themselves and others.

"After the Basic Pranic healing course, I was amazed at how quickly simple ailments could be healed, like headaches gone in minutes and pain that people had suffered from for months sometimes gone in only one session." - Julian

Julian began practicing Pranic Healing on many different clients with a range of ailments. He studied the other Pranic Healing courses and in 2006 became a certified Pranic Healing practitioner and instructor.

Julian is available:  by appointment only.


  • Pranic Healing Session – 1 Hour $100


  • Twin Heart Meditation for Peace & Illumination – Tuesday Evenings 

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