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Lisa Boon

Lisa Boon

Tesla Metamorphosis Healing

The healing modality I use is called Tesla Metamorphosis, founded by Anya Petrovic in 2009. It was taught in Melbourne for the first time by Anya in April 2017.

Tesla refers to Nikola Tesla the famous inventor, but what is less known about him is his pre-occupation with the human energy field. He was able to increase the level of light in the human body, which allowed for healing.                                           

Metamorphosis refers to the evolution and transformation of our consciousness. The Tesla waves of Tesla Metamorphosis are the highest frequency of consciousness we can access now. As the consciousness of humanity evolves, we will in time, be able to access higher and higher frequencies. The difference between modalities has to do with what frequency of energy they access. Tesla Healing Metamorphosis     

This is a 40-minute process where the client lies down on the table and is immersed in the frequency of Tesla waves. Tesla waves raise the level of light in our body allowing for a healing to take place. The client’s higher intelligence and the intelligence of the universe work together to prioritise what he/she needs. It is the client that gives themselves the healing via light and information. Tesla Healing Metamorphosis has the intention to bring the frequency of light in the human body into perfect balance.

Distance Healing  As the name suggests, client and practitioner are not in the same place. As the practitioner works the client lies down at home, in another State, or even overseas. Tesla waves increase with distance and the healing is just as powerful as if both were in the same place. The client and practitioner are available at the same time. This is perfect for people who are unable to come to the office during working hours or are too unwell to attend. I do much of this work during the evening.

Tesla Soul Communication  Even though the client always receives a healing, Tesla Soul Communication is done when the client is not receiving the healing they were hoping for. The client is usually not present for this process. The practitioner communicates with the client’s higher self and soul level to ask what he/she needs for healing. This unconscious communication, given to the client, can help to unblock the healing wanted, as it helps to make the unconscious conscious.  At this level the client still chooses what to share. Its only purpose is for healing.

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis  The purpose of Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis is for the evolution of consciousness; for our personal spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth. It elevates the human energy level to a higher frequency, creating an uninterrupted flow of life energy; the perfect balance between the frequency of light within our DNA, axitonal lines and chakras, and initiates the revival of the 13 original DNA strands, bringing us into harmony with earth and the star systems. It’s done once in a life time. It has the potential to create great change and put you on your life path. As our consciousness evolves we can access higher dimensions, which connect us to more and more of our spiritual potential, moving away from our contracted and disconnected selves. It has the potential to bring back our memory and knowledge and bring us closer to our optimal blueprint.  It’s a precise two session process, activating lines and points on the body, again done while the client lies on the table for approximately 40 minutes, and done not more than 48 hours apart. 

For more information on Tesla Metamorphosis visit:  www.TeslaMetamorphosis.com Services

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis:  $80.00 (Concession rate available for students and health care card holders) Distance Healing:  $80.00 (Concession rate also available) Tesla Soul Communication:  $80.00 (Concession rate also available) Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis (2 sessions):  $333.00 Payment by cash, cheque, direct deposit (to be paid before session)

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