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Maureen  d.h.c.i

Maureen d.h.c.i

Psychic Medium / Astrologer / Numerologist / Reiki Practitioner / Spiritual Healer / Hypnotherapist & Past Life Therapist / Holistic Counsellor / Metaphysics Teacher

Psychic Medium / Astrologer / Numerologist / Reiki Practitioner / Spiritual Healer / Hypnotherapist & Past Life Therapist / Holistic Counsellor / Metaphysics’ Teacher

I have had over 30 years’ experience as a Medium and Counsellor. I read tarot cards using the Astrological Wheel of Life spread. This delves into the various areas of a client’s life and gives guidance on matters such as career, relationships, money, potential, home, children, spiritual path and karma.

I also read Archetype Cards which are based on the teachings of Dr Caroline Myss. These also use the astrological houses and show us what archetypes or patterns are influencing us and shows the level at which the archetypes play out in our lives. I have found that an archetype reading can have a very profound and empowering effect on a client. By being aware of the archetypes or patterns that are influencing us, we are more able to instigate changes that will enable us to live a more fulfilling life.

The archetypes are indeed alive and well in all of our lives. But when we are shown how, what and where they are and how we can deal with them, we are then better able to cope with and change their influence upon us. We are then able to empower ourselves and others around us.

I have been counselling and teaching for many years and hold an Advanced Certificate for Counselling from the Cairnmiller Institute in Melbourne. I am also a metaphysics and psychic development teacher, spiritual healer, archetype and tarot reader, astrologer and numerologist. I also practice Cutting the Ties That Bind as taught by Phyllis Krystal.

I am a trained spiritual and clinical Hypnotherapist and hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a Certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques in Past Life Regression Therapy. I also offer the Virtual Gastric Band Program using Hypnotherapy as a non-invasive way to lose weight permanently.

I am a member of the International Association of Counsellor & Therapists and The Australian Psychic Association

Maureen is available: Call 9500 8220 to book 


  • Readings 1 Hour - $100
  • Readings .45min - $80
  • Readings 1/2 Hour - $60

*At present, only available for Zoom and Phone Readings,     Face to Face coming soon.

Following Services will resume soon

  • Reiki / Spiritual Healing Sessions 1 Hour - $120
  • Counselling Sessions - $125
  • Astrology Charts - $80
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions 2-3hrs - $260
  • Past Life Regression Sessions 3-4hrs - $290
  • 'Virtual Gastric Lap-Band Surgery' Hypnotherapy - $680 for 5 week sessions includes 1 week no charge plus personalized CD's to take home.


  • Metaphysics and Psychic Development – Wednesday Evenings
  • Tarot for Beginners – 10 week course
  • Angel and Spirit Guide Drawing
  • The Tarot Walk
  • Archetypes

Contact Sacred Mist for Bookings on (03) 9500 8220 or info@sacredmist.com.au