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"As a Medium, I 'become' the middle man between this world and the next to bring through evidence, information, memories and messages from passed loved ones and create a sacred communion. I also work on a Psychic level, meaning I tune into people's energy for information about past & present events while offering guidance for their future pathways"

Sean started developing this 'ability' when he noticed energy fields around people and saw their 'colours', or their aura. He noticed spirits (colours, shaped like people) visiting him in his bedroom at night time. Although this may have sent many people running, this always felt very natural to Sean and brought a sense of love and comfort. As he opened up to this ability, he soon recognised his passed Grandfather as a beautiful royal blue spirit. His grandfather is with him often. Initially he thought everything he experienced was something everyone was able to, but in hind sight, perhaps he just benefited from his upbringing in a spiritually open family.  

Even though he has always felt the spirit world, seen figures and sometimes heard muffled voices, Sean never understood he was truly different until the age of 15. During a reading with Debbie B-Mewes (an amazing woman who also works in this field), she saw this pathway was definitely for Sean. Debbie is now a mentor for him, as well as Diane Thomas - another incredible Medium.

Sean has put a lot into his training and development. He has also been fortunate enough to train and work with some of the most successful mediums in the world, including Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell (left). Throughout this training, Sean has learnt to work evidentially, which means he will bring through information and evidence to prove his link before he will offer any further guidance. Unfortunately there are many charlatans in this industry, so Sean is very careful that his teachings come from a credible source and keeps everything as direct and to the point as possible.

It is important for Sean to answer to your greatest need, whether it be to answer questions about your life and pathway, or to create a connection to your passed loved ones. He works from the heart space and aims to leave you with the confidence that they are just as much there as they ever were.

Sean is also recognised by The Australian Academy of Spirit (AAS). The AAS is a national body representing professional and developing mediums. Established to recognise and ensure the highest standards of education and practice are maintained. 

Sean is available:  Every Tuesday


  • Readings: 60mins $100
  • Readings: 45mins $80
  • Readings:  30mins $60 

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