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Since I was a child I have been drawn to the spiritual kind of life and have always had a fascination with the esoteric, spirit, mediumship, tarot, angels, crystals, wicca etc. One day as a teenager I came across my mother’s old tarot deck from the 60’s! I kept it and started studying tarot myself. 

I read every book you could imagine that I had collected over the years on psychic development, mediumship, Reiki, meditation, crystals, Tarot and the list goes on……

For over 30 years I have been reading the Tarot and giving psychic and oracle card readings and I love it! I am often in awe of the Tarot and its accuracy. It is amazing how you will get a message from your Tarot reading then follow up with some oracle cards and the same message will come through supporting what the Tarot said! 

Having a background in Psychology and Social Work has helped build my counselling skills which I use in my readings. I am an intuitive reader and psychic and use these skills to help people on their life path. I am also a reiki practitioner and meditation teacher using meditation techniques can help relax the body and calm the mind to help deal with life’s challenges. 

I have a passion for helping people and can also help my clients to open up and use their own intuition on life’s journey. I can help you in areas such as relationships, career, business & money, general life guidance, spirituality, helping guide you on life’s path helping you feel empowered.  

I can incorporate my love of the Tarot with reading oracle cards as well as using my counselling skills to incorporate intuitive counselling into my readings.  

I am so excited and feel very privileged to be giving readings and helping and guiding people with the help of spirit, our higher selves, and the cards!

 Susie is available: on Tuesdays


  • Readings 1 Hour $100
  • Readings .45min - $80
  • Readings 1/2 Hour $60

Available for phone readings

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