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Intuitive Tarot Reader

When I look back over the past 30 years and think about things from ‘Does that guy like me?’ to ‘Should I accept this promotion?’ to ‘Why is this person acting this way?’, I truly wonder what I would have done without the tarot.  The perspective and clarity my intuition, teamed with my tarot deck has provided me, has been invaluable.

Along with the tarot, I have an extensive interest in astrology and love nothing better than applying current transits and trends to whatever situation to bring yet another element into play.  Currently, there are big shifts going on in that pretty sky above us!  We are all up for a lot of change over the next few years.  Each of us will go through much transformation, some of it new and exciting, yet some will require we let go of a few long-held beliefs and goals.  One thing is certain, we are growing and I would love to be able to shine some light along your path.

So, I combine tarot & astrology in my consultations, coupled with intuition and hard-won wisdom!  I am able to put these wonderful modalities together to form an accurate picture of your situation and offer guidance on your path. 

Tiana is available: on Friday 


  • Readings 1 Hour $100
  • Readings .45min - $80
  • Readings 1/2 Hour $60

Available for phone readings only.

Contact Sacred Mist for Bookings on (03) 9500 8220 or info@sacredmist.com.au