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Virtual Lap Band Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight without the Surgery! With the Virtual Gastric Banding Program Using

Problems with bulging waistlines lie more in the mind than the stomach, a dramatic experiment has shown. Overweight people fitted with a “Virtual Gastric Band” under Hypnosis shed an average of almost twenty three cms in just five weeks. The idea is that the subconscious mind will not allow the body to over eat. People only have to follow simple rules to reduce their portion sizes as well as being encouraged to exercise and listen daily to a supporting CD.

This Virtual Gastric Band Program came about following a free trial by Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger in the UK of 21 individuals, four men and the rest women aged between 24 and 65 with varying lifestyles and weight who all had a history of dieting and struggling to maintain a satisfactory weight and size. One woman who weighed 65 kilos and only wanted to lose a few pounds and another, who was 132 kilos, lost more than 11 kilos during the program. In total the group lost 90 kilos between them during the program.

The Group shed an average of 23cms from their waistlines. The most successful subject lost 46cms from their entire body and the smallest amount lost was 6cms. The key is to focus on cms lost rather than weight, but 2.5cms lost equates to 1/2kilo so in this case study we estimated a group loss of approximately 480cms and 90kilos. They achieved a 99 per cent positive result.

We do emphasis that this is not a diet. There is no restriction on what you can and cannot eat. A Client can eat smaller portions of anything they want so forget all you have heard about Diets. All you have to do is follow some simple rules on this 4 week program. “Any changes require a degree of conscious effort from the client and they will reap the rewards”…  

The Virtual Gastric Band Program is conducted over a four week period and the four one hour sessions are designed to bring about a permanent change in a client’s eating habits and focuses on the person the client wants to be.  Creating new eating habits, getting you where you want to be and enabling you to remain there will generally take 28 days. The program includes a support CD, which the client is asked to listen to each day and which will reinforce the new message in the subconscious mind that brings about a permanent change in the Clients eating behavior. 

THIS IS NOT A DIET or A SHORT TERM FIX, this is a proven non-invasive weight loss method - lose weight without dieting - when you are ready Hypnosis Works Well

A private one on one 5 week consultation program $680 with Cds

Group Sessions 4 weeks (max of 8 people) - $380 with Cds