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Constellations & Illness with Edwina
18 August 2018
Time: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Constellations & Illness with Edwina

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephan Hausner in march this year as he shared how he works with family constellations and illness. 

"Stephan Hauser is a world-renowned facilitator and trainer of Family Constellation Work, specializing in illness and health... In 2011, he published Even If It Costs Me My Life, now available in 11 languages. It is the leading Constellation book on working with illness and considered by many to be one of the best books written about Family Constellation Work in general."

"If you or a loved one grapple with illness and want insight into the hidden loyalties and entanglements that have hindered physical healing, or if you want to work more effectively with clients who are ill, these films are an unprecedented opportunity to heal, learn, and be inspired.

Each film details Stephan’s expert application of Family Constellation Work in healing transgenerational traumas that influence illness.

"These films are part of 5 film series by Ali Mezey, Body Therapist, Family Constellation Work facilitator, Somatic Counselor, Clinical Sexologist, and now a documentary filmmaker.

More information about the films at: transgenerationalhealingfilms.com

This special event:

We will share one of the DVD's by Stephan Hausner who specializes in family constellations and illness. Then we will share lunch ( bring a plate to share) and do a few constellations and exercises. 

Spaces limited!  

When:  Saturday, 18 August  

Time:  9.00am til 5.00pm  

Investment:  $30  

Bookings Essential: http://relationshipconstellations.com/illness.html 

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