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Frankincense Incense Powder

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This cleansing and purifying resin incense is made with pure frankincense resin, which is traditionally used to cleanse sacred space and also used to banish negative energy. Each jar contains resin incense tears, which requires incense charcoal to burn them.

Natural plant based Incense Powders made with the same quality ingredients found in the sticks. This gives a powerful burst of fragrance at a time.

These are available in 12 different fragrances. 

20gm Glass Jar

Instructions for use:

1. Put a teaspoon amount of incense powder in a fireproof incense holder

2. Pinch the powder to form a mound or cone shape

3. Light the tip of the cone and allow it to burn for 5 seconds, then lightly blow out the flame

4. Incense will smolder slowly and gently release it's fragrance