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Unscented Wish Candles, perfect for Rituals, Spell Casting,  Manifesting with twelve colours to choose from.

These premium quality wish candles are made from 100% Vegetable Stearin and come in a wonderful variety of colours.  Let us know if there is a particular shade or colour that is missing in our range and we can order for you.

*Please Note:  That the Gold and Silver are not metallic so they appear as soft grey for the silver and solft creamy yellow for the gold.

Description: 100% Vegetable Stearin, 100% cotton wick, eco friendly, eco friendly, natural dyes, unscentred

Measurement: 1.2cm x 10cm high

Burn Time: 90 mins

Candle Colour Meanings

White - Protection, Peace, Truth, Sincerity, Purity, Sacredness, Inner Child Magick 

Red - Fire Element; Love, Passion, Manifestation, Health, Courage, Sensuality, Life force, Purification, 1st Chakra 

Black - Absorbing Negativity, Dispelling, Banishing, Healing Illness, Courage 

Green - Earth Element; Money, Abundance, Fertility, Prosperity, Growth, Luck, Employment, Strength, 4th Chakra 

Yellow - Air Element; The Intellect, The Mind, Study, Confidence, Divination, Enlightenment, Childhood Issues, Travel, Freedom, 3rd Chakra 

Blue - Water Element; Healing, Peace, Relaxation, Dreams, Psychic Realm, Communication, Cleansing, 5th Charka 

Pink - Romance, Love Attraction, Friendship, Forgiveness, Honor 

Orange - Energy, Luck, Motivation, Success, Creative Stimulation, 2nd Charka 

Purple - Divine Energy, Higher Self, Healing, Spirituality, Psychic Realms, Meditation

BrownBrown or the colour of earth is a balanced colour. It is used for material gains. It also eliminates indecisiveness and improves concentration. Brown represents telepathy, learning, psychic powers, home, friendships, balance, success, and wealth. It is also known to protect pets and helps you find lost items.


SilverEncourages stability; psychic abilities, removes negativity, calls the influence of the Goddess.


GoldUse in rituals to attract the powers of cosmic influences and rituals to help bring about luck or money, or if solar energy is needed in the ritual.